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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We’re predominantly a hire business so our streamer banners are rented to you for your event then they’re packed up and reused again and again. When you contact us for a quote via the online form we’ll ask you whether you want to dry-hire (have them couriered to you for self-installation) or whether you’d like us to design your installation and take care of installation and derig.


I prefer to self install – how do I attach the streamers?

We include a self installation guide to help you liaise with your venue and create a really impactful display when you dry hire from us. Reusable cable ties are included as standard with your banners, and depending on the set up you’re creating we can recommend other products to buy that will help you to achieve the look you’re after.


What does your design fee include?

When you opt for a design and installation package you’ll get full support in creating a streamer installation that makes the most of your space and that fits perfectly alongside your other elements and within the vibe of your wedding. We’ll schedule a design consultation meeting with you to help us understand your vision and create an amazing colour palette and layout plan. We’ll organise a site visit with you to see the space in person and you’ll get the benefit of our installation experience – we’ll be asking the venue all the right questions and figuring out how and where we can attach for maximum impact. Then you just leave all the legwork to us and wait for the magic to happen!


I see you’re based in Leeds – can you still install if my wedding is miles away from Yorkshire?

We pretty much cover the whole of the North of England ourselves, but we partner with another hire company for installations in the South East, so if your wedding is in London or the Home Counties we should be able to help, subject to availability of the team!


What are the streamers made from?

They are made from plastic, which means they’re far more durable and robust than paper streamers. Plus they’re weatherproof so can be used outside!


How are you Zero Waste?

We aim to make your event décor waste free – so everything is reused again and again, including the cable ties. We aim to throw nothing away – the production offcuts are used as art materials for craft groups and preschools and we reuse our postage boxes. We’re not perfect but we’re always looking at ways that we can limit our impact on the environment and will never claim that our products are more environmentally friendly than they really are. Greenwashing is rife in the party décor industry and we hate it.

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